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Pre-Summit Workshops

Creativity – Frameworks & Techniques

Saturday, June 5

8:00 AM - 12:15 PM Pacific Time

Instructor: Anita Lukose, B Tech, CVS®


PDUs: 4.0 hours

Core Competency: Workshop Stage (Six-Phase VM Job Plan)

VE Team puts in time and effort for an effective function phase. When it comes to the creative phase, VE teams usually resort to brainstorming. Also, the team may not consider some ideas due to the lack of knowledge on the thinking style of the team members. Thus, many of the potential ideas are lost. The use of function to generate ideas can be enhanced if we are aware of the different thinking process in generating ideas. This course provides a clear understanding of thinking within the team which will improve the team cohesiveness.  The delegate will understand the need and know-how of a systematic creative phase and different tools to achieve it.

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Creative Techniques and Facilitation Training

Sunday, June 6

8:00 AM - 12:15 PM Pacific Time

Instructor: Amin Terouhid, PhD, PE, PMP, VMA


PDUs: 4.0 hours

Core Competency: Team Facilitation 


This training explores tools and techniques for concept generation and facilitation in group settings. The training focuses on

1) creative techniques for group cohesion and lateral thinking to evolve a team into a highly functional creative mindset


2) idea exploration or development processes to transform a particular idea into a refined and articulated concept


3) facilitation techniques to ensure the team performs well, team members collaborate effectively, and perform to reach a common objective in idea generation and assessment.

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Developing Powerful Functions & FAST Diagrams

Saturday, June 5

12:30 PM - 5:00 PM Pacific Time

Instructor: Jim Bolton, CVS®-Life, PE, FSAVE, PVM, FINVEST


PDUs: 4.0 hours

Core Competency: Function Analysis

This seminar will greatly enhance the understanding and utilization of the Value Methodology and the results that clients will experience with this powerful process.

This will be a hands-on workshop where some basic information on developing powerful functions will be given first and then all participants will be asked to develop their own Random Function Identification Worksheet on a project that is of interest to them.  Sample projects will be assigned if participants in attendance have not selected a project. 

Then some teaching about organizing functions will be presented and how the use of FAST Diagrams helps in the process.  Then all workshop participants will develop their own FAST Diagrams on the project they have previously selected or been assigned to in the step above.  We will then compare the results of these FAST Diagrams together to ensure all Random Functions Identified were included and check the logic of the FAST Diagrams.

Finally, some information will be given on how to prioritize functions using various tools such as the Function Resource Matrix Worksheet and how the prioritized function will be used in the creativity and other phases of the VM Job Plan.  This will be a workshop you will not want to miss out on as it is designed to support your unique needs.

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Function Models: Beyond FAST

Sunday, June 6

12:30 PM - 5:00 PM Pacific Time

Instructors: James McCuish, CVS® / Charles Jennings, AVS


PDUs: 4.0 hours

Core Competency: Function Analysis                  


Major concepts addressed are innovative application of FAST to improve Overall Business Process:

  • How to Engage Multidiscipline teams and develop serious commitment to effective multidiscipline communications and interfaces using FAST

  • How to interface labor and materials cost models to simulate as-is and to-be changes surrounding a proposed improvement

  • How to introduce and use “Generic” FAST Diagrams

  • How to enhance project and organizational management planning, delight teams and organizations in planning their work and Optimize Schedule


Typical project management tools such as GANTT charts and risk registers are not inherently constructive to identify potential information and resources interface management.  Most project management tools are intended to identify and to control "project task" (execution).

The "how-why" logic of the FAST is much more useful to help the project team to capture existing information, alternative knowledge possibilities, and to accessible wisdom within the shareholder repertoire. The Organization Mapping / FAST model helps delivery knowledge management objectives such as:

  • Identifying, developing, and spreading better practices faster

  • Connecting project activities to self-organizing knowledge sharing networks of professional communities

  • Fostering cross functional and divisional collaboration

  • Increasing the ability to initiate and contribute to projects across organizational boundaries.


The FAST provides a basis to challenge conventional knowledge and wisdom. The structure of the FAST is foundational for implementing value improving practices and identifying value added alternatives. Contemporary Organizations understand the power of such methods as Generic FAST & Organization Mapping FAST leading to resource loaded schedules and project development cost.

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Post-Summit Courses

Value Methodology Fundamentals 1 (VMF1)

Thursday, June 10-Sunday, June 13

7:30 AM-5:00 PM Pacific EACH DAY

Instructor: Patrice Miller, CVS®® (RHA, LLC)


PDUs: 8.0 hours per day / 32 hours total

This course is designed for individuals involved in manufacturing, construction, or any design-oriented professionals.  You will learn an extremely valuable process to help you make improvements, seek out innovation and value opportunities for products, projects, programs, and processes, and even the way you and your organization does business.  This course is the first step toward the certification process.  Once you complete this course and pass the VMA exam, you will obtain your first level of certification.

Miller, P.png

Value Methodology Fundamentals 2 (VMF2)

Thursday, June 10-Sunday, June 13

7:30 AM-5:00 PM Pacific EACH DAY

Instructor: Javier Masini, CVS®® (RHA, LLC)


PDUs: 8.0 hours per day / 32 hours total

This course is designed for individuals involved in either manufacturing or construction. It is required for those individuals who are already knowledgeable in basic Value Methodology theory and need to improve their Function Analysis and Facilitation Skills to lead their own VM Studies. In other words, more than training about VM, this course is to prepare you to be the VM trainer or facilitator. Those practitioners looking to become a Certified Value Specialist are required to this course.

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